The CVAK mobile application helps to solve static or public transport.

With the CVAK mobile application it’s possible to buy parking tickets, parking cards, rent a parking space or pay fees or other pre-defined service dependent from the provider.

The application is useful in urban areas with limited parking, in car parks or shopping and business centers. Payment is carried out via a standard payment card (Visa, MasterCard...).

The service is not dependent on the type and issuer of the card. The CVAK application can be used in any city or region in Slovakia.

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Before first using the application.

For easy use of the application it is necessary to register at With this step, we securely connect your credit card with your user account.

When parking select the city, or zone where you want to pay for parking in the application and specify the duration of parking.

Payment takes place automatically via the registered payment card. The actual payment transaction is performed through the bank.

All sensitive information is encrypted during transmission and then safely stored in the bank’s system.

The CVAK application can choose the parking space for you when you turn on the GPS sensor. The application can warn of the approaching end of your parking ticket and you can easily extend it.

In case you need an invoice for payment, you can find it in your profile.

Advantages for users

  • Convenient payment through applications.
  • Notice before the end of the pre-paid service.
  • GPS location of the user.
  • Overview of all performed payments.
  • Simple download of the payment invoice.

Advantages for service providers

  • Additional payment channels.
  • Increased revenue for services rendered.
  • Reduce the costs related to providing services.
  • Statistics on the use of services.
  • Maximizing the number of paying users.

Using the application

Solution for parking operators

The CVAK mobile application is a simple and effective solution to problems with the payment of parking fees in the city. More and more towns are aware of parking problems, especially in the town center and parking comes with a charge. Our application simplifies the entire process of parking payments and thus significantly improves the view of the provider of parking services to the public.

Solution for urban public transport operators

If you are searching for an additional option for the payments of tickets, the CVAK application shows you the right way. The entire payment process is quick and without unnecessary intermediaries. This allows you to increase your revenues from the sale of tickets and offer your passengers the quick option of purchasing a ticket without having to deal with cash for paying at a machine or waiting for an SMS ticket.

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