The CVAK mobile application is used for the payment of transport services.

The application can be set for any entity and used to pay fees for parking, travel or other charges anywhere in Slovakia.

Mobilná aplikácia CVAK - platťe za parkovanie jednoduchšie
Ikona - Bezhotovostné platby za služby
Ikona - Platby prebiehajú na strane banky
Ikona - Jednoduché používanie a príjemné užívateľské prostredie

Pay for services faster, more conveniently, more safely and above all WITHOUT CASH.

Payments for services may be much simpler due the CVACK application. The CVAK application serves for the implementation of mobile payments for various services. It covers mainly transport services, long-term and short-term parking, travel and other services. The mobile application fully replaces payment via SMS and increases user comfort.

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The CVAK mobile application is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. Download the app to your phone and end problems related to the payment of commonly used services.

What is CVAK?

Comfort when paying for a service.

Summary of the provision of real-time services.

The CVAK mobile application helps to solve static or public transport. With the CVAK mobile application it’s possible to buy parking tickets, parking cards, rent a parking space or pay fees or other pre-defined service dependent from the provider. The application is useful in urban areas with limited parking, in car parks or shopping and business centers. Payment is carried out via a standard payment card (Visa, MasterCard...). The service is not dependent on the type and issuer of the card. The CVAK application can be used in any city or region in Slovakia.

Where is the application running already?

Our solution is used by parking and public transport providers in several Slovak towns where users pay for parking and traveling through the application.

  • Vranov nad Topľou
  • Banská Bystrica
  • Košice
  • Banská Bystrica

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